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Used to describe the emotion that comes when something extreme and unexpected happens
Rachel: We are totally getting married!

Justin: I know. YOWZAH!
by Justin Chandler April 20, 2008
When an action/event is so amazing that people want to set up communes, communities, town, cities and monasteries around it.
I'm hittin the dance floor tomorrow night. I'm gonna be getting it monk.
by Justin Chandler April 24, 2008
The way by which someone can take something old school and make it come back to life as if it were new.
Is that guy bringing back Hammer pants?!

Yea man, he's Neuthodox. Don't know if that's happening though.

Someone hasn't done this in over 400 years. It's Neuthodox.
by Justin Chandler January 08, 2009
When someone gets moded but because of the extreme nature of the action, you accompany the demotion with a signal verifying that the person should jot the moment down and commit it to memory so it will never be done again.
Tyler: Dang it, that's twice.

Justin: NOTED!!!!
by Justin Chandler April 20, 2008
The sound made when someone makes 3 consecutive punches in a row. The sounds of wu, su and pa.
I burst into the room and there must have been forty guys. So I kicked down the door and WU SU PA.
by Justin Chandler April 20, 2008
When a group of people simultaneously let out booyahas an exclamation of joy. One person is also able to let out a single booyah tribe in any moment of domination or joy.
We're about to go to Disneyland. Booyah tribe!

I won a sports radio trivia show yesterday. BOOYAH TRIBE!
by Justin Chandler August 02, 2008
When something is legit, but the event, action or person requires it to be at a whole nother level.
Did you see that new movie last night? Man that thing was megit.
by Justin Chandler March 12, 2008

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