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the 11th doctor and river. the perfect ship.
Whovian: My otp is Yowzah.
Non-Whovian: What's yowzah?
Whovian: The perfect couple. River and Eleven.
by whoviannnn September 11, 2013
Used to describe the emotion that comes when something extreme and unexpected happens
Rachel: We are totally getting married!

Justin: I know. YOWZAH!
by Justin Chandler April 20, 2008
Yow'zah!: an exclamation indicating excitement, usually associated with the observation of an event or object that greatly exceeds the ordinary
Yowzah! That's a HUGE wart you've got on your nose.
by de Finable January 19, 2012
yowzah as in geronimo gererally screamed whilst on an adrenalin rush
person on rollercoaster "yowzah" more likely "yowwzzah"
by the ric September 13, 2005
yes, absolutely
You mean an amusement park?, yowzah.
by The Return of Light Joker October 16, 2008

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