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9 definitions by Joshtek

The act of extracting information from Google for the reason of telling it to someone.

Note: GCP is short for Google Copy Paste
Bob: Whos the president of blahblahland
*Bill searches google.com, copies anwser into clipboard, then pastes it*
Bill: It's Mark Larryson
Bob: Thanks, how did you know that?
Bill: GCP :D
by Joshtek July 01, 2003
Name used to parody of script-kiddie "hackers"

someones who haxx0rs haxx0rs is a haxx0r.

Sometimes written (typed) haxxor.
Script Kiddie: I am so 1337!!!
Bob: Do you haxx0r using sub7?
Script Kiddie: Yeah, its w00t!!!
by Joshtek July 01, 2003