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1. upon the deposit of a load in one's mouth, this term refers to those that spit it out rather than complete the job properly
You can tell by looking at that group of girls that they don't swallow-- spitters are quitters.
by JosephD September 01, 2006
noun. 1) a male who prematurely ejaculates after 2 pumps to his penis
That 2 pump chump isn't very good in bed, he always leaves me unsatisfied.
by JosephD August 30, 2006
verb. 1) to take a large dump
After eating the enchilada dinner, I had to drop the deuce.
by JosephD August 31, 2006
verb. 1. to take antibiotics/antiviral medication to get rid of sexually transmitted diseases caused by some nasty bugs
After sleeping with that ho, I knew I would end up having to swat the cricket.
by JosephD September 01, 2006
verb. 1) to take a large dump
My distal colon alerted me that it was time to punch a moose.
by JosephD August 31, 2006
noun. 1) to engage in anal intercourse with a man for the first time
When I dropped the soap at the prison shower, I unexpectedly lost my mangenity.
by JosephD August 29, 2006
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