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fhot (fot) adj. Used to describe something extremely hot (i.e. women, temperature); Short for "fucking hot"
Holy shit, its really fhot outside.
That girl in my math class is fhot.
#hot #fucking hot #really hot #extremely hot #very hot
by Joseph Miller July 24, 2006
HPOA (he'poe'a) n. acronym for "Hot Piece of Ass", usually used to describe a hot chick.
That blonde is a HPOA.
I would like to get with that HPOA.
#hot #ass #women #blondes #sexy
by Joseph Miller August 09, 2006
BK Lounge (B'K'Lownge) n. another term for Burger King, popularized by Dane Cook
The BK Lounge has hot, tastey, French Fries
#burger king #dane cook #fast food #french fries #food
by Joseph Miller July 27, 2006
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