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The term "BK Lounge" was created by the rap group De La Soul. For proof, look at their album "De La Soul Is Dead" which was released in 1991.
Bitties in the BK Lounge, all they do is beg and they scrounge.
by ScottyD June 21, 2006
Burger King. Used by comedian Dane Cook to impress girls by acting like he works for a hip club (the B.K. Lounge).
girl: where do you work?
Dane Cook: I'm a bouncer at the B.K. Lounge.
girls: Can you get us in?
Dane Cook: Not without coups, baby. Not without coups.
by Josizzle December 07, 2005
a term used for burger king restaurants since 1955, used by many people because of the restaurants that served alcohol it was soon classified as a lounge in the late 50s. the term is not copyrighted by BK. Burger King never adapted this name because of their intentions to keep the restaurant as a fast food joint.
Person 1 : Hello James how about we go grab a brew at BK Lounge and wash it down with a burger and milkshake.

Person 2 : Well John id love too but wherever did you think of such a catchy name for Burger King.

Person 1 : Funny story actually i heard it from some guys down in Winchester last week when i was visiting my aunt Sue
Person 2: Well dang wabbit i sure hope this catches on it sounds so much better than Burger King.
by lionheart2189 June 28, 2011
Term comdeian Dane Cook used for Burger King
"Yeah i work at the BK Lounge"
by Scotty B September 30, 2004
burger king. this name has been around since the mid 80's and was in use by my friends in racine, wi, BEFORE de la soul or dane cook ever used it...
(the BK Lounge was popular with us because it had free refills)
Q: so what should we do tonite?
A: let's go to the BK Lounge and hang out...
by turkeyfunk September 08, 2008
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