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fhot (fot) adj. Used to describe something extremely hot (i.e. women, temperature); Short for "fucking hot"
Holy shit, its really fhot outside.
That girl in my math class is fhot.
by Joseph Miller July 24, 2006
Fhot is the opposite of Fugly, if you think someone is fucking hot, say they are fhot.
I love your dress, it's so fhot!

You look so fhot right now!!

Johny Deep is so fhot.
by liljuliet7 November 30, 2010
Short for Fucking hot.
Hey, have you seen the new girl? She's so fhot.
by Natureboy3 May 06, 2010
Pronounced (Fhawt) adj. verb. noun. It is a term used to describe someone who you would sleep with once. It stands for "Fuck Her One Time" or "Fuck Him One Time". Normally used to describe someone with a just fuckable appearance good enough for at least one fuck or someone whose personality is so bland or unappealing yet their looks are redeeming enough for one fuck. It can be used as a verb to state that you would or someone would fuck him/her one time. Can also be used as a noun to describe a state of fhot.
I don't know man she is a major bitch, but I'd fhot.

He is definitely fhotable.

Shit I don't know what it is about her she is a bit of a butter face, but I'd fhot her so hard!

That she may be a bitch, but that ass is worth the fhot!

I can't believe it was just a fhoted.
by The Grand J May 01, 2015
An abbreviated way to say when someone is fucking hot.
Amber: Brent you are so F'hot!
by bdenny94 December 01, 2013
fucking hot. Derived from fugly, ie. fucking ugly
Oh my god, that chick is so fhot I just want to bang her!
by Atreidai February 20, 2005
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