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Hot Piece Of Ass
Jenny the brokers assistant is a HPOA
by Spencer the Broker August 10, 2010
234 112
hot piece of ass
That Dommy P, HUMINAH! He's an h.p.o.a.!!!
by melody April 02, 2004
89 17
Acronim for the phrase Hot Peice of ass. Coined by Lex & Terry on their morning Radio show.
That chick is one H'poa
by jperea July 03, 2006
65 33
Hot Piece Of Ass
Cool girl with hot ass
-Did you see kisha?
-wow! she's a HPOA!
by Jaffar (t.k.) August 11, 2010
42 40
HPOA (he'poe'a) n. acronym for "Hot Piece of Ass", usually used to describe a hot chick.
That blonde is a HPOA.
I would like to get with that HPOA.
by Joseph Miller August 09, 2006
69 74
Known as "Hot Piece Of Ass", a person who sits in the back of a class and is constantly stared at by horny women.
Melody: "My god, that kid is one HPOA! I want to hump him!"
by The Real HPOA April 08, 2004
26 39
Invented by Lex & Terry on their morning radio show.

A h'poa is an extremely fine woman.
That is a one fine h'poa!
by Mothra May 12, 2004
13 31