Acronim for the phrase Hot Peice of ass. Coined by Lex & Terry on their morning Radio show.
That chick is one H'poa
by jperea July 03, 2006
HPOA (he'poe'a) n. acronym for "Hot Piece of Ass", usually used to describe a hot chick.
That blonde is a HPOA.
I would like to get with that HPOA.
by Joseph Miller August 09, 2006
Known as "Hot Piece Of Ass", a person who sits in the back of a class and is constantly stared at by horny women.
Melody: "My god, that kid is one HPOA! I want to hump him!"
by The Real HPOA April 08, 2004
Invented by Lex & Terry on their morning radio show.

A h'poa is an extremely fine woman.
That is a one fine h'poa!
by Mothra May 12, 2004
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