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30 definitions by Jose

hyper coffee drinking wack (verb)
(brother way too hyper) hey you, stop being tezkah!
by jose March 26, 2005
A retarded or dumb person, likely to be of spanish origin coming from the republic of Peru.
Michelle is a nubhat.GG PUBNUB
by Jose March 02, 2005
The proper spelling of poofter.
Kayla, quit being a poofter and come give B a hug.
by Jose October 03, 2004
The very essence of being, which could be equated to the soul, chi, aura, strong presence, or even a personal passion.
As a musician, music is my ness: I would die without it.
by Jose January 19, 2005
1)to be really awesome
2)to be a pimp
3)a really good dota player and a lover.
4)The sexiest man alive
1)omg its a bird, no its a plane, its sir-owns-a-lot
2)wow that guy has 13 girl friends. He is definatly a sir-owns-a-lot.
3)that guys is such a pro. He got a triple kill at lvl 1. he is definatly a sir-owns-a-lot
4)sir-owns-a-lot is very sexy
by jose June 18, 2006
tits and ass
check out da t and a on her ese
by jose August 30, 2003
only the hottest girl in the word shes incredable and every guy wants her so badly
damn gflor is fuckin hott
by jose April 12, 2005