30 definitions by Jose

1. The word sick with a swanky way of saying it.
2. It is derived from the word hiccups..
Jose: Yo mang i'm goin to my girl's house..
Rick: You are so lucky..
Jose: I'll hook u up wit her friends.
Rick: Sickkups!
by Jose March 02, 2005
Meaning mans sperm. Came from a rushed shorthand of the word mushroom.
You have a little mushe on your face.
by Jose April 05, 2005
When you ask for a raise and your manager tells you its not that we arent paying enough its that you are spending too much
How many times a day are you eating you need to cutback
by Jose February 11, 2005
in Hoduras is used to name the baby bottle
give the (pacha) to the baby
by Jose March 01, 2005
a really hott guy who is a sex toy
some hott guy thats used as a sex toy
by jose April 08, 2005
a whore, a slut, a dirty girl, girl that gives people STD's
a woman that sleeps with many men
by Jose March 27, 2005
Incredibly huge nosed albanian.
Look at his fucking redon!!!
by Jose December 17, 2004
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