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1.n. a place of commerce
2.n. state of bankruptcy; state of being "cleaned out";
1. yo dog I need a ride to the sto

2. that bitch took my ass to the sto and sold my f@#$$'n dubs.
by Jose April 27, 2004
Its a band as well... an emo band.
Did you hear the new Tijuana Crime Scene album?
by Jose January 02, 2005
The ultimate chick car. Tall, boxy, and a puny CI motor putting out even worse to the rear wheels. Can give most economy cars a run for their money, other than that its for high school girls to cruise around with the top off.
Natalie just got a Mustang Gt, her parents didnt want to give her anything too fast.
by Jose April 22, 2005
Charles of the McDonalds grill. It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's B-l-l-lumpkinnnn Mann.
Blumpkin man wears a visor.
by Jose July 09, 2004
woman who sleeps around with desperate males
Joy is such a hoe
by Jose March 06, 2003
my last name bitch heheheeheh
joe gidday is so fucking cool/......................o and colin is rice
by JOSE March 20, 2005
Used in Mexico as an expression when someone looses something.
Used to describe someone that is poor.
Yo estoy bienn chingao.
by Jose May 11, 2004

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