30 definitions by Jose

Saba a crazy New York chick who thinks she's cute by coming out to San Francisco and jump'n all around the west coast. AkA the Sabanator
Who's that crazy ass-hoe? That's Saba she's from Upstate New York
by Jose February 21, 2005
Easily one of the richest schools in the nation where the sports teams only drink bottled water and the school buys plasma screen tvs and $10,000 gym mural paintings. Every once in a while has a good sports team like volleyball or girls soccer, but apparently has a nationally ranked marching band?!!Known for its lack of school spirit, wild parties, excessive amounts of drugs/alcohol and ugly guys willing take advantage of anything female (but it usually ends up being of of the hundreds of gorgeous girls at tilly)
Hey- their football team barely lost tonight. Let's go down to Chantilly and celebrate their almost-victory, because the girls are amazing and they really know how to party.
by jose April 24, 2005

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