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often used in pool or billiards to describe a hustler or very talented player.
There are pool sharks in many Paul Newman movies.
by Jonathan February 17, 2004
The most beautiful girl in the whole fucking world
Look taht girl damn she`s hot

of course dog is Keyla
by Jonathan March 20, 2004
A term sometimes used in the south to be racist and ask for a cigar (Black & Mild) at the same time.
"Hey, pass me a nigger and mild, I need a smoke."
by Jonathan April 03, 2005
for sure dog
-dog meanign buddy
-you wanna smack that crack ho for taking my money?
-fo shizzle dizzle
by jonathan November 21, 2003
Technically, the word was created improperly and is very much misnamed. Sexual should be taken out of the word because the sexual part of metro sexual is merely to relate the term to homosexual. In actuallity, metrosexuality has nothing to do with sexuality at all. A metrosexual is just a man who cares a great deal about outward appearance and sensitivity.
That sensitivity wannabe is such a pseudo-metrosexual.
by Jonathan December 01, 2004
A French Footballer who also plays for Arsenal. He is also the best soccer player in the world right now. Hat Trick today against Bayern Munich.
I hope someday I will be as good as Thierry Henry
by Jonathan March 05, 2005
A television network that once had spark and fun. Used to be made up of shows such as Rocko, Hey Arnold, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Are You Afraid of the Dark, and Clarissa Explains It All, just to name a few. This network has downgraded itself with "new and improved" clean innuendo shows such as Spongebob Squarepants and Fairly Oddparents. Tries to redeem itself with "TeeNick" network, but has not been successful. On the brink of being off the expanded cable network.
Stupid, stupid, stupid
by Jonathan February 28, 2005

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