59 definitions by Johnson

the best heavy metal band to ever play
i went to an anthrax concert
by JOHNSON September 14, 2003
The acrenym for the Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia.
This country is abreviated by FYROM.
by JOHNSON November 02, 2003
incredibly fucking elite.
Dude, that's so totally sphyre.

by johnson March 23, 2003
famous mountain man of the west
Buy me a burrito, Weber!
by Johnson April 05, 2005
Excessive ornamentation in visual design that interferes with communication instead of enhancing it.
"Too much design faggotry. It gets in the way of communicating the idea."
by johnson October 24, 2003
a phrase used to wish one luck on their next oral sex conquest
The Real Ashley: "Good night, guys!"
The Fake Ashley: "Suck it easy, bitch!"
The Real Ashley: "Thanks, you too!"
by johnson January 03, 2005
A veggie burger, with olive eyes with red pupils, and a big leafy smile.
Put that fweaking sandwich down!
by Johnson March 29, 2003
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