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59 definitions by Johnson

a britsish sport similar to squash.
I am very good at raquetball!
by JOHNSON October 17, 2003
the best band ever!
The presidents of the united states are a good band!
by JOHNSON September 15, 2003
A person who constantly stares at nothing in particular, a practice also known as "spacing".
"For God's sake Scrimmy, will you stop spacing!!!"
"...........I'm not.............."
by johnson December 19, 2003
being hardheaded and not listening to your employees who know more about your fucking product than you do.
A. Nudd is fucking mydocin' hardcore.
by johnson September 11, 2003
I have no fucking clue >:
Daririram, dariram, darirarirariram, darira dam dam.

wtf >:
by Johnson September 05, 2003
The greatest band ever to grace this earth
"hi im a member of Goodday"
by johnson December 19, 2003
A game when you throw metal horse shoes at a stick.
horse shoes is the best game
by JOHNSON October 16, 2003