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59 definitions by Johnson

The single grestest consumable product to ever exist.
Ooh, look, a bottle of Vanilla Coke *orgasm*
by Johnson February 19, 2003
The only thing on the face of the earth that could have so many errors. Using it is like unwanted anal sex by some big burly man named Betty.

2)Satan's HL replacement for WON.
Wow, gg steam. GJ with making 24 out of the 29 people on NAR#2 the Gorge Hideout server randomly drop, completely ruining the game.

Wait... why are 666 and a bunch of pentagrams with stars in them included in the steam help file?
by Johnson August 23, 2004
A generally small bich pretty wealthy country on the northern side of Saudi Arabia. It is not oil rich but makes most of its income in Military Base uses. Many countries use its bases due to strategic location such as the US, UK, Poland, and even its own army.
Capital: Doha
No one on the news pronounces Qatar correctly.
by JOHNSON November 10, 2003
A strike of electricity that comes from the ground up to a cummolimbus cloud.
Fred saw lightning and said "whoaaooaoaoaoaoa I win!"
by JOHNSON October 30, 2003
A huge spectators sports in which girls jump up and down and grunt in skin-tight clothes.
I like watching women's tennis.
by JOHNSON October 19, 2003
A soundwave caused by lightning rapidly heating the air and exploding.
Fred heard thunder and said, "whooaooaoaoaoo you lose"
by JOHNSON October 30, 2003
The entire, the whole; the whole part of. the whole enchilada
If I win, I get the whole shebang.
by johnson October 19, 2003