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dope or opiate derived drugs.i.e. oxycontin. heroin
i was straight noddin of them jams on the bus.
by joeski March 09, 2004
1. A disproportionately large scrotum to testicle ratio.
2. A very large ball sac.

3. A disturbingly low hanging pair of balls.
After hot tub Tuesday Ted was totally sporting a penis cape.
by Joeski June 04, 2013
1) so garbled, confused, distorted, or otherwise messed up as to be utterly unsalvagable.
2) so intoxicated as to be unintelligible or incoherent.
1) Your computer is plotzed.
2) Ralph got so plotzed last night that he couldn't even give the cab driver directions to his house.
by joeski April 01, 2003
verb: to be all set is to be over it.
im all set with goin out and gettin no dick.all set.
by joeski March 09, 2004
horribly uncool
shit hirl.those boots are spicy, you know you just found them at the shelter.
by joeski March 09, 2004
bitch. or a demaining way to adress another human.
are you all set hun?
by joeski March 09, 2004
anyone or thing that pops wood.
check the hotpocket over by the bar.
by joeski March 09, 2004

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