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76 definitions by Jim Inman

Nipadoo was Tarzan's word for lots and lots of shit. Jane and Cheeta always understood and obeyed without question.
My beer is almost empty. Nipadoo bitch.
by Jim Inman August 25, 2006
5 5
A female heroine addict, especially one that shows years of drug abuse in her appearance and behavior. She is missing many teeth, and the ones left are rotten as all hell. See also Crankwitch and Crackwitch.
Fucking smackwitch whore squatted and pissed right next to the minivan, with me and the kids sitting right there! Welcome to San Francisco kids.
by Jim Inman August 20, 2006
3 3
A stoneager(sounds like teenager)is a person with basic or limited computer skills. Usually an older person (50+)who did not have computers to deal with as a kid. The stoneager has an outdated computer, system, software, etc.
Also stoneager (sounds like teenager)
My mom wants me to come over for dinner, and while I'm there I have to install some software for her. She is a great cook, but a total stonager.
by Jim Inman August 19, 2006
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To brown boot somebody is to mark a person to be culled or to be singeled-out for dismissal. A pink slip.
"This morning they gave half the cubical rats the brown boot. I hope we're not next!"
by Jim Inman August 17, 2006
3 3
To jack-up is a gymrat term for working to improve a specific muscel or set of muscels, especially women who want to firm-up their butts.
She is doin something to jack-up that ass. I'll bet she spends an hour-a-day on the stairclimber."
by Jim Inman August 17, 2006
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"Has her back" refers to the situation where a gay person, male or female, has a friend who fills-in or runs cover as an apparently heterosexual companion or sidekick.
"She is cute as a button, queer as Amelia Earhaedt, and that asshacker Bob has her back."

" That new dude is a faggot, the queer upstairs thinks he has her back. Not!"
by Jim Inman August 17, 2006
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A skunk or polecat, especially a roadkill that can be smelled on the wind.
"I hit a Mexican mink in my Cadillac, and I can't get the smell to go away".
by Jim Inman August 16, 2006
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