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76 definitions by Jim Inman

The urgent need to pass a bowel movement.
Sorry dude, I gotta go, I've got a steamer prarie doggin' on me.

I don't know why she left in such a hurry, maybe she's got prarie dogs.
by Jim Inman August 16, 2006
Gaawwddaamnit! is a word used by women if they accidentally zipp their labia into their low-rise Calvin Kleins. I've only heard it once.
Gaawwddaaamnit! Mutherfucking sonofabitch! Call 911!!!
I zipped my meatzorp into my Calvins.OOOH FUCK, OOOH FUCK, OOOH FUCK!
by Jim Inman August 26, 2006
A treat for her. Her lover places two or more well lubricated and inspection gloved, fingers, into her anus, then firmly massages her G-spot and it's related squirt glands, through several thick layers of muscular vaginal and anal tissue, against her pubic bone. She goes off like a gun if you do it right! Don't spare the lube! See also asspuppet, cornweasel, etc.
Maggie had never experienced the buttpuppett, and was anxious to see if she would squirt when she was bound and played, by the other girls in her cabin.
by Jim Inman August 23, 2006
Crackwitch,Crankwitch,Smackwitch, a woman whoe's appearance and behavior suggest that she has endured years of drug abuse. She is missing many teeth, and what few are left, are rotten.
That old lady of Eric's is a crackwitch if ever I've seen one. Check-out the fangage on the bitch.
by Jim Inman August 20, 2006
Sap is a term used in mess halls,firehouses, and greasy spoon restaurants to identify Pancake Syrup.
"Yo Mack. Please pass the salt and pepper and shoot me the sap too."
by Jim Inman August 16, 2006
Sheep, especially those fucked by cowboys.
Jethrow can't make it tonight, his old lady caught him screwing a Montana Debutant again.
by Jim Inman August 16, 2006
A thong sucker is a sexual deviate or perverse and openly nasty person.
Why would a nice girl like Maggie go out with a thong sucker like him?
by Jim Inman August 17, 2006