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Home planet of the Cone Heads from "Satuyrday Nite Live".
We're from the planet Remulap, er a actually, we're from France.
by Jim Inman August 27, 2006
A mispronounciation of a term from Saturday Nite Live "The Moons of Meepzorp". "Meatzorp" is a term for a woman's external genitalia
Gaawwddaaamnit! Mutherfucking sonofabitch! Call 911!!!
I zipped my meatzorp into my Calvins.OOOH FUCK, OOOH FUCK, OOOH FUCK!
by Jim Inman August 27, 2006
A computerphobic is a person below a stonager on the computer competence rating scale. They are mortified that they might push the wrong "button" and blow a smoke ring.
My brother is a total computerphobic. He thinks that if you go on the internet, you become deluged with a boatload of spamporn.
by Jim Inman August 19, 2006
The red ball express was a corps of mostly black truck drivers that supplied the front-line combat soldiers in the european theater of WWII. They were universally accused of stealing and black marketeering of vital supplies as well as things intended to comfort front-line troops, like chocolate bars and premium cigaretts like Luckies or Camel.
"Every time I saw a redballer he was smokin a Lucky or a Camel, all we ever got in the field was fucking Raleighs."
by Jim Inman August 17, 2006
Jewelry, especially when worn in a piercing.
Did you see all the hardware on that strippers snatch? It looked like a fishing tackle accident!
by Jim Inman August 25, 2006
Nipadoo was Tarzan's word for lots and lots of shit. Jane and Cheeta always understood and obeyed without question.
My beer is almost empty. Nipadoo bitch.
by Jim Inman August 25, 2006
A female heroine addict, especially one that shows years of drug abuse in her appearance and behavior. She is missing many teeth, and the ones left are rotten as all hell. See also Crankwitch and Crackwitch.
Fucking smackwitch whore squatted and pissed right next to the minivan, with me and the kids sitting right there! Welcome to San Francisco kids.
by Jim Inman August 20, 2006
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