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Mamal much beloved of Jon Cram
by jet April 04, 2003
1. A town in Belgium.
2. A battle which occured near the town above, where the French emperor Napoleon was defeated and sent into his final exile on the island of Saint Helena.
3. A song by ABBA. Which somehow connects a relationship to this battle which cost thousands of lives. Hm.
1. Napoleon looked like he was making a comeback during the 100 Days... but then came Wellington, who helped defeat the mini emperor at Waterloo.
2. Waterloo, I was defeated you won the war...
by Jet March 25, 2005
1)Pine Tunnel is usually called Pinecone turf. This is the turf or tunnel of the pinecone kids( see pinecone kid ). The pineconekids collects pinecones and stores it in a handy place.
It is said that there are over 20000 pinecones collected.

2) A historical tunne lwhen the great struggle for pinecones were isolated and located.
Man: Holy Shit.. those kids have a lot of pinecones

Man2: Hey this kid sold me an "edible" pinecone.
by Jet February 28, 2005
An inept cock jokey
by jet April 04, 2003
ONline on msn and chatting with other peoples.

-- Bussy talkign to peoples.
-- Just acting cool buy staying on msn.
Retard (hmwrk)says: Hey jen
Jen- last night was great says: Fuck off im MSNing right now
Retard (buying a gun): ok fine..
by Jet November 16, 2005
"Duppie" Pronounced ( Duh! Peee.... )


Depressed Urban Professional Peeon Income Eliminated
Look in the mirror
by JET July 14, 2003
Depressed yuppie

see "yuppie"
Want to buy a 2003 BMW?
by JET July 14, 2003

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