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The act of one man being ejaculated on by a group of girls.

The opposite of "Bukkake"

Also see "Self Bukkake"
My ultimate fantasy is to participate in a reverse bukkake.
by Jet March 05, 2004
(n.) The cool and tough kid of the block.
Watch out for that Li. She is out of our league.
by Jet January 22, 2004
The act of ejaculating on ones own face.
"Last night I was really lonely.. so when I was cumming I decided to self bukkake on myself"
by Jet March 05, 2004
Strecthgasm is a combination of two words. Strect and Orgasm.
Stretchgasm is the feeling you get if you wake up in the moring and you stretch. You feel go and your muscles get relaxed. It feels like an orgasm but more on the backside.
Stretching for staying in one spot for a long time.

Person: *strecthes*
Person: Damn what a stretchgasm!
by Jet December 13, 2005
The act of having Gay Man Sex
"Those two homo's are totally having gaymansex now"
by Jet March 05, 2004
1) A kid with down syndrome whos job is to sell pinecones. He offers quality pinecones that are edible for anything.

2) Someone who sells pinecone and retarded.
Also a member of the pinecone clan
Pinecone Kid: Sir you want to buy a pinecone?


Pinecone Kid: Sir are you there? Sir?
by Jet February 25, 2005
A party in which a group of men ejaculate on women.

Alternative way of saying "Bukkake"
"Sharon really enjoyed the protein party we threw for her last night"
by Jet March 05, 2004
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