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21 definitions by Jet

whizzad of tricks in Halo 2.. he sometimes sucks but he is dangerous if really trying
Pipwiz how did you do that?
by Jet February 21, 2005
- an aura present in a certain space, or surroudning a person
- feeling, vibe, what the french call a certain... i don't know what
- "these noisy kids are ruining my moonoir!"
- the moonoir of the night is errie
- this place gives off a bad moonoir
by Jet September 02, 2003
Two men having sex with one woman at the same time, one from the back and one from the front ( giving a bj)- like a pig on a spit roast.
Bro, Sanita got chucked on the spit. Respect to the guys that did that

0800 spit roast - sanita's number
by jet June 19, 2006
Compact Disc - ReWritable. Meaning you can burn things to the CD, then burn them again.
"Hey man, I gotta erase this Anti-Flag CD-RW for a Bad Religion CD-RW."
by JET January 07, 2004
a roller coaster of mass destruction.
God damn my balls hurt from that fuckin ricketyass!
by Jet February 25, 2003
An alternative to saying "Rocks" when describing something totally sweet!
"Yo.. my phone totally rocksors"
by Jet March 04, 2004
What former Monty Python member Eric Idle will call himself if he ever decides to become a rapper.
Eric Idle decided on Muff Daddy during his visit to Jon Stewart on the Daily Show.
by Jet April 09, 2005