131 definitions by Jesse

the god russian pop star
"look, it's Muslav! I'm going to get his autograph on my hairy chest."
by jesse May 03, 2004
a site used for looking up words that your afraid to ask your parents
i just looked up ghetto on www.urbandictionary.com
by Jesse December 31, 2003
those people who talk funny in texas chainsaw massacre or someone who lives in a oldschool silver, shiny pill shaped trailer, talks funny, has a mullet, wears trucker hats, has ripped up jeans and a belt with a semi truck or a gun on their belt buckle
hey look its billy bob johnson what a fuckin hick lets go piss on his trailer and put sand in his dirtbike
by jesse November 02, 2003
An RPG guru, mainly obsessed with oddball RPG's mainly other people don't appreciate.
Wow, I want to be a great gamer like NeoNess!
by Jesse April 22, 2003
best video ever man funny thing guy cant tech deck what a funny video
by jesse April 05, 2003
when you're burried in you're own crap!!!!!!!
in the book " zumbie bums from urennus:
by Jesse March 31, 2004
n.,the overindulgence in the whole "grrl-" prefixation.
Grrl-this, grrl-that, she's really grrlcrazy.
by Jesse December 14, 2003
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