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V. To engage in anal intercourse with two men at the same time, while simultaniously engaging in fellatio with different men, also at the same time.
I watched Pat to the DODA last night. does that make me gay?
by Jesse March 03, 2003
Slang Substitution for "thingy". Used occassionally internationally for when the name of an object or word won't come to out of mouth when describing it/them.
"Give me that thing beside you."
"What thing?"
"That... do da there. BESIDE YE!"

"What do you call that do da there?"
by Whu Flung Dung December 27, 2009
an acronym for Double Oral Double Anal. A relative of the term d.v.d.a (double vaginal double anal) used in porn. DODA means double penetration in the mouth and in the ass simultaneously. Most often used as a derogatory term.
Q: "How they hell did that useless fuck get promoted?!"
A: "Probably the same way he got hired....D.O.D.A.!"

by blacksheepsergeant - JEG February 06, 2007
V. To doda. To have two other men shove their penises into your anus while you suck the choads of two others.
Damn! Adam does the doda well.
by Phil Foglio March 03, 2003
N. A nasty sexual act, generally involving five men, double penetration of the anus and mouth and a whole lot of lube.
Oh God, Adam brought his friends over again. I bet they're gonna do the doda.
by Pete Venters March 03, 2003
A "drug" that is commonly found in south asian neighborhoods in Canada, made of ground poppy pods
The powder from the Poppy pods is then used to make a tea, or is injested in some other way
He/she was really nodding out from the Doda
by Emmatic April 24, 2011
Another name for a black person. Mocking the way they talk:
"do da bus stop here"
Look at that do da(pointing to a black person)
by Colin TB October 16, 2007

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