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someone whose a slutty whore and is worth 2 cents for any sexual favor they give
'ew shes such a 2 cent ho'
by jess November 19, 2003
(interjection)- used to convey disappointment, frustration, or disagreement (a synonym for no).
"Nurr, I wish I'd won..."

"NURR! My computer just froze!"

"Nurr, that's not what happened."
by Jess February 13, 2004
The meaning of life.
He was going to kill himself, but then he recalled Jhonen Vasquez and opted to stay awhile.
by jess January 11, 2004
"lovable, caring, something"
hey look its lots of nice stuff
by jess May 17, 2004
the stupid word little poser punk rockers use while trying to be cool.
"he was a sk8er boi she said see you later boy." -avril lavigne
by jess December 29, 2003
Rolling on the fucking floor, laughing my fucking ass off.
ROFFLMFAO! That was so funny.
by Jess May 18, 2004
best friend, always there when you need her. funny, strong is so many ways.
wow i wish i was hieu
by jess May 04, 2004
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