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153 definitions by Jess

Phrase used when surprised. Usually used by neatos. Similiar to "Oh my gosh!" Derived from "holy crap!"
Holy moley! I think I love Joe!!!
by Jess September 13, 2004
"lovable, caring, something"
hey look its lots of nice stuff
by jess May 17, 2004
don't worry about it- it ain't worth it
Hey man don't even trip, that hoe was askin to get knocked up.
by Jess December 01, 2003
Informal yet personal greeting, variant of hello
"Yello friend, how are you?"
by Jess November 19, 2003
asking someone to leave...
You need to kick rocks before bunyard sees you around here
by jess July 08, 2003
A male, often overweight intellectual. Is generally used in a complimentary fashion. Comes from the character Piggy in Lord of the Flies.
Piggy, you're the coolest, smartest guy on the planet.
by Jess March 28, 2005
No1 Stunna....of course!!! also beautiful pet dog to Joel Madden and Benji Madden of Good Charlotte.
Oh my Gosh.....its cashdogg!
by Jess December 09, 2003