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A very strong willed individual. Extremely intelligent, very capable.
Sita: do it again and you'll never see the light of day once more, i swear!
Carrick: .... okay. why is this?
Sita: *raging*
Sita: good boy
roughly translates to princess of earth. as the goddess sita's mother was mother earth.
said to be extremely beautiful and kind-hearted.
teacher: name one princess you know
sita: me.
by suppb March 01, 2009
An Indian Goddess, She was borne from the earth. She choose Rama as her husband. Forced to discrimination, first she was asked to walk on fire to prove her purity, where it would destroy the impure and sinful, but not touch the pure and innocent. Then then she was left in a forest when she was pregnant with her two sons. When they were borne, Her husband came to receive them, thus freeing her of all responsibilities. She went back into earth by jumping in a fissure (a metaphor for suicide).
by Asvari May 19, 2013
She's undeniably beautiful on the outside and inside. She always has people by her side. She's sweet and quiet as well.
Sita: Oh hi :)
by meep1313 December 07, 2011
hahah..shes tha coolest off the heezy fo sheezy lil girl..nd yes..she duz lyk to kik ppl ahahhaha..
i kick daniel cuz hes stupid nd ugly..hahaha and hes what..6 foot..and yet he still gets hurt..mwahahha..k late
by sita April 02, 2003
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