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originally P.I.M.A.H. stood for penis in my ass hole however has now turned into all purpose exclamation for anything bad
dude that test was worse than a pimah
by Jeremy May 14, 2004
The style of music defined by odd time signatures and bizarre instrumentation. Shortened version of progressive.
Pink Floyd is prog.
by Jeremy December 26, 2003
a ancient penis eater of the dinosaur speices
my monkorn ate my penis
by jeremy August 27, 2003
You inject your lover's feces under your skin and wait untill it festers and blisters; Then you rip the blisters open with your teeth, and lick up the festering shit.
I got several nasty infections from shit-blistering with John.
by Jeremy July 11, 2003
An "athlete" who tries half as hard as everyone else on the team.

Someone on the team who comes out to half the games and half the practices and never works hard.

Very common in hockey, especially on the B teams. Also known as doggin' it
Man 1: Hey Jim did you see Bob's half-assed performance...he was really doggin it out there tonight

Man 2: He calls himself an athelete?!....More like a HALFLETE

by Jeremy August 15, 2006
Someone devoted enough to a TV show, movie, or comic to dress up like a character from it; a cosplayer.
- What's up with the stupid clothes?
- Nothing, they're just costards.
by Jeremy March 01, 2005
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Tara McRary: I hate living this high-school life. I want to live like a crazy college student, but still live in my parent's house...can anybody help me?

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by Jeremy October 12, 2004

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