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The best damn country in the world. MOROCCAN MAFIA fo' life.
Moroccan Mafia Gangsta: wanna fuck up some persian guys
Other Moroccan gangsta: Fo SHo
by Jeremy June 22, 2004
Someone with a pansexual attitude
Enjoys sex for the sake of it
even if they're biologically inclined to be straight or gay, is comfortable enough with their own sexuality to enjoy all worlds.

2) Someone who is a genderqueer/androgynous but doesn't identify themselves with sexuality buzzwords
"I like fucking girly boys, and boyish girls, im a genderqueer whos 100% male and 100% female, i don't conform to socially constructed definitions as i don't feel organs make up the sex appeal of individuals." - prosexual
by Jeremy May 25, 2006
different in a way that people don't like about you.
Someone is called weird when they wear different clothes sometimes of braces on teeth or when someone is not smart. That's the way it works until everyone all of a sudden realizes that no one cares if someone calls them weird, so they stop doing it when they are older and so after that the people that were called weird realize that they can call the people that called them weird...uh...weird! So when they call the other people weird the other people think that the people they once called weird call him weird and then he starts to kick them and they start fights, and in the end everyone dies so...I hope you weird people know what weird means now!
by Jeremy February 26, 2004
Cross mix between someone who is technical and smart and geek like.. of course Neek is too old school
oh my days! Tom is such a techneek!
- patented to the Jezmaster
by Jeremy August 25, 2004
The act of spending lots of money on a movie, and seeing it tank in the box office.
Stupid "Lara Croft 2" did a Showgirls.
by Jeremy November 24, 2003
This words root comes from a Jerism...It has no complete definition but is used to confuse or make people quite Look at example below for usage
Be sure to say rapidly to get correct reaction
Person one: (Blah Blah Blah) Science...
Person two: Rar bida rar arar
Person one: What?
Person two: exactly!
by Jeremy February 28, 2005
originally P.I.M.A.H. stood for penis in my ass hole however has now turned into all purpose exclamation for anything bad
dude that test was worse than a pimah
by Jeremy May 14, 2004

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