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3 definitions by Jeffreh

When a male takes a shit into a blender, then frappes it until desired consistency, then rubs it all over himself, and goes and rolls around on top of his partner while she is still sleeping in bed.
Dude! I just pulled a Nigerian Hurricane on that bitch I fucked last night!
by Jeffreh October 12, 2008
14 11
Hitting up your local drug dealer to see what he/she has.
"Dawg, I'm about to bleep tha waterman!"
by Jeffreh November 18, 2008
0 2
Hitting a bowl (weed) that is very dank and stanky. Hitting a "boogan" always gets you very high. Boogans may be hit with multiple people. Also, boogans are not to be messed with. Only when you are truly ready you can hit a boogan.
Trevor - "Excuse me i would like to hit this boogan"

Jeff - "Do it fagget"
by Jeffreh October 12, 2008
2 70