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1. A wager on the outcome of an event not normally gambled on
2. A wager with someone that he/she will/won't do some task
3. A side bet during a poker game, i.e. a wager outside the normal betting process of the game.
Poker pro Ted Forrest once won a $7,000 prop bet that he couldn't run a marathon on a 115-degree day in Las Vegas.
by Jeff_P May 09, 2006
short for "under the gun" in describing your seating position at a poker table.
I folded because he represented strength going all-in UTG.
by Jeff_P May 09, 2006
Having cards sharing the same suit, such as your pocket cards in Texas Hold Em or your first three cards in Seven Card Stud.
Poker pro Phil Hellmuth is rumored to have made a large prop bet that AK off-suit is a pre-flop favorite over AK suited.
by Jeff_P May 09, 2006
Having pocket cards in Omaha (definition #5) consisting of exactly two cards in one suit and exactly two cards in a second suit, such as {2 of hearts}{3 of hearts}{4 of spades}{5 of spades}.
The best starting hand in Omaha high-low-split eight-or-better is commonly regarded to be A-A-2-3 double-suited.
by Jeff_P May 09, 2006
adv: Definitely, certainly, very, or obviously; derived from its usage in poker. sometimes abbreviated as "suits".
(See also obv, obvies)
'We going to Ruby Tuesday tonight?' 'Suited.'
by Jeff_P May 09, 2006
The first face-up card dealt to each player in Seven Card Stud, often used to determine which player must make a forced bet or "bring it in".
I chose to fold when the player to my right bet after pairing his door card, representing at least a pair of kings.
by Jeff_P May 09, 2006
good or favorable; short for "der gas"
That Lost episode was unreal dg.
by Jeff_P May 09, 2006

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