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WCG is the abbreviation for World Cyber Games, one of the biggest and most important eSport-Events. It usually takes place in korea. A competetive played game is Warcraft 3 TFT by Blizzard.
I visited the WCG last year!
by Mafutrct April 26, 2005
88 9
An acronym for 'We Can't Get Some.'
Often used as a club name or said when a group is down about being single.
Person 1: I'm tired of being single!
Person 2: SAME!
Person 3: Guys, WCGS.

Person 1&2: TOTTALY!
Person 3: Let's start a club!
by WTFDOYOUCAREsingle! April 11, 2010
1 2
World Class Gone-case.
a: I got dumped.
b: I got dumped, she set my xbox360 on fire and sold off my porn CDs.
a: Wow. You're deemed WCG.
by Coby626 January 10, 2010
1 17
Short for Web Cam Girl. Used as a keyword for searches in adult pornography.
Enter search "wcg"
346146 results found.
1.Hot chick undresses.mpg
2.WCG gets naked for you thumbnail
by Jeff24 January 23, 2005
16 43