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It is true that Jelly Bracelets used to be an 80's fashion. However, they weren't the original fuck bracelets. Originally fuck bracelets were bracelets with teeny tiny little beed and thin elastic string. The rumors about breaking them and the person has to have sex with you started floating around when I was thirteen. I'm about17 now. They were much easier to break than jelly bracelets. Somewhere along the line Jelly bracelets began to come back into style. When this happened they became known as fuck bracelets. What many of you are failing to realize is everyone just took it as a joke. No one actually believes that if they break someone's black bracelet that, that person has to have sex with them. That's ridiculous and stupid. However there is a meaning behind each of the different colors and people do jokingly try to break them a lot. Most of the time when it happens to me (I have about 80 of these things) it's just one of my friends kidding around.

Black- Sex
Blue- Blow job
Pink- Flash tits or pinus
Yellow- Hug
Purple- Kiss
Clear- W/e snapper wants
Green- Hand job
Brown- Toss my salad
Glow in the dark- SEX TOYS
Any glitter- Girl chooses
Silver(Gray)- OUTDOOR SEX
Light Blue- Anal
Light pink- hug & kiss
Light green- Oral sex
Gold- All of the above

Those are the meanings of the different colors. But in reality, it's just a fashion statement.
Girl: Hey! You broke my fuck bracelet!
Guy: Whoops sorry. Hey! That means we have to have sex now!
Girl: (sarcastically) Oh yea baby!
Guy: Haha
Girl: Wanna go right now?
Guy: Seriously?
Girl: No you dumbass I was joking
Guy: Uh.. yea, I.. uh... I was too.
Girl: Riiiight

::girl walks off::
by Jessica June 29, 2004
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Thin, stretchy bracelets worn by middle-and-high-school students in many different colors and patterns. They are often mistaken as "sex bracelets", where the circumstance is that supposedly if a guy pulls one off a girl and breaks it, he has to perform a sexual act with her (the color determines what they do. This ranges from a simple hug to oral sex). Though, most students wear them for fashion reasons. The hidden, sexual purpose of these bracelets was probably invented by some drunk college kids..."Hey, lets fuck each other. But we need a reason. Besides the fact that we're stoned. Hey, let's pretend that we need to have our bracelets snapped to be fucked!!! Yeahhh!"
Katie got some awesome new jelly bracelets at Hot Topic. They're black and red and purple. But Emily got some really nice pink sparkley ones at Claires.

Joe: Hey, Kate! Brandon snapped your bracelet! And it was red and black! You have to do 69! Hahahaha! Brandon and Kate! Brandon and Kate!
Me: Burn in hell, you worthless piece of shit.
by Yours Truly June 22, 2004
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different colored bracelets that are pretty and fun to play with in class. its fun seeing what your colors mean and joking around about it, but no one actually does it. 69s are pretty just because of the design.
"Someone broke my black bracelet hahaha"
"So what did you do?"
"Made him buy me a new one."
by Rachel February 10, 2004
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At my high school we really don't do that crap but me and my friends joke around about it
Black- sexual intercourse
Blue- blow job (alternate meaning: lap dance)
Green- cunnilingus (alternate meaning: outdoor sex, hug)
Clear- whatever you want (alternate meaning: hug)
Orange- kiss
Yellow- hug
Red: lap dance
Purple- anal sex
Silver- fisting
White- flash your tits
Pink- flashing
Gold glitter- make out
Brown- toss my salad, i.e., analingus
Glow in the dark- using sex toys
glittery yellow-hugging & kissing
glittery green-69
glittery purple-French
glittery orange-kiss
Indigo- Hand-job with blowjob
Clear Gold with glitter-fingering
Clear blue-All of everything
Clear Pink-Its the girls choice.
Clear Green- All Anal
Glow in the dark pink- female sex toys
Glow in the dark blue- boy sex toys
Glow in the dark green-Sex with porn.
light blue-masturbate
gold-suck on any part of body
gray(silver)- flash
by ur moma June 02, 2004
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well i just found out about them from a friend, and i always thought they were kinda cute, but now i want to get some because well, i never know when my boyfriend wants to kiss or what not, so i figure ill get some and then he can take it off me, (id rather not have them broken, as they are cute) and then i know,
i have been to some sites and they all say its just a game, and no means no.
i think its all alot of bullshit, but people have free will, and the more they tell people its bad, the more people will wear it.
ya i will wear them, but nothing will make me have sex unless i feel ready
by shade April 14, 2004
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Jelly Bracelets are a fashion trend started in the 80s. Also, they're considered as "sex bracelets" today but now a days they're mostly worn by goths or people who just use them as a fashion trend. I have one of each color because I like to collect the colors and I think they're really cool. People say that there's hidden meanings to them which is true but my friends and I don't even care about the meanings. But I know what EVERYONE of the colors means and if you really wanna know what they mean here it is, just scroll down:

Black-The Full Monty/Sexual Intercourse
Green-On the grass
Purple-Girls Choice
White-Flash what you have
Gold-Suck on any part of the body
Brown-Toss my salad
Limegreen-Three-sum or Four-sum
Dark Blue-Hardcore sex
Light Blue-Masturbate
Indigo-Handjob/Handjob w/ blowjob

Glittery Purple-French Kiss
Glittery Yellow-Hug & Kiss
Glittery Pink-Flash a body part
Glittery Blue-Doggy Style
Glittery Green-69
Glittery Red-POP MY CHERRY (Only worn by virgins)
Glittery Orange-Kinky Sex
Glittery Gold-Make out
Glittery Clear-Feel up OR Touch a body part

Glow in the dark Blue-Use male sex toys
Glow in the dark Pink-Use female sex toys
Glow in the dark Green/Yellow-Sex with porn
Glow in the dark Orange-7 minutes in heaven

These bracelets are involved in a game called "snap" it's where the guy breaks a bracelet off the girls wrist and they have to do it depending on the meaning but most people don't play that game. The only people that play this game are people who are sexually active. Just because girls wear them doesn't mean that they're playing the game.
Jelly bracelets can be snapped but it depends on the color that is being snapped. A girl is wearing a yellow jelly bracelet, the guy snaps it off of her wrist and she gives him a hug *that's cute*. A girl is wearing a glittery clear jelly bracelet, the guy snaps it off her wrist *PERVERT* and the girl slaps the guy across the face or demands for a new glittery clear jelly bracelet.
by Ice-Ice-Baby July 19, 2006
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Some people say these bracelets mean everything people say they mean and other people say they're mearly fashionable. Me, on the other hand, i think both ways. I started wearing them as a fashion but my boyfriend (and only my boyfriend) started breaking them off. I still wear them as a fashion. I'm not looking for anyone to break off afew black ones so we can fuck it up all night long or anything. I just sometimes do the hugs or kisses with my boyfriend. But what I'm saying is, it's all a matter of opinion. Those who want to wear those bracelets just to have a one-nighter with some hot dude can do that. And anyone who wears them as fashion can do that to. They only mean what you make them mean!
heres what some mean where i come from-
red: lapdace
blue: oral sex
purple: kissing(extreme breaking means anal)
yellow sparkle: hug & kiss
gold sparkle: makeout
black: all the way home
clear: whatever breaker wants
yellow: hug
orange: kissing
white: flashing chest
by allison hunt November 30, 2003
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