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Australian, n,
the wife, the missus; girlfriend; female partner.
the handbrake wouldnt let me have another go on the pokies. Bugger it.
by herbie August 31, 2004
In New Zealand kiwi-speak, the female to whom one is related in a spousal relationship (or one similar thereto, such as a girlfriend or fiance).
I dropped the handbrake after she nagged me about my Popular Mechanics collection and copious beer drinking.
A significant other, usually a girlfiend who does nothing but complain and attempts to take the boyfriends freedom away and crash boys nites. this is normally caused by the girlfriend being a loser or having no friends
ie. oh gosh ty cant go to the boys nite cos the handbrake is on
by spanky619 April 20, 2006
When a chick abruptly stops giving you a handjob right before you orgasm, causing you to have no pleasure upon orgasming.
It was going good till I got a handbrake.
by P tha Pawn May 14, 2010
the parking brake. hen pulled at fast speeds locks up the back wheels and causes the car to lose control and slide around, (drift)
handbrake used in hand brake turns. used for parking in every day use
by mills1166 August 18, 2008
if someone is boring and puts a stop to the fun they are a hand brake.
He's no fun, don't invite him out tonight, he'll just be a hand brake.
by Oompa Loompa 73 April 29, 2009
In football, play less than to one's potential, due to self inflicted obstacles. Be less free and flowing than usual, due to some psychological block.
Term introduced, and used constantly, by Arsenal's manager Arsene Wenger (who also introduced several other terms, as "footballistically", and others.
"I believe in the first half we were not sharp enough, we played a lil bit wiz de hand brake, and we didn't create many chances".
by yuviken February 22, 2013
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