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A topping, often for spagetti, used heavily by the italian nationality, often homemade or bought Ragu style, other brand names that are wanna be Ragu s like Brothers, Prego, and a few... However none match up to MAMAs home cooked sou-ce...
by JB February 13, 2003
A male reproductive organ, the size of Justin's penis... 12 inches.
Evan: Yo man, dat be a da craziest footlong i dun seen
Justin: yea i know. sorry u only got the 3 incher.
by JB July 07, 2003
adaptive, to overcome, to improvise
JiggaBruce, your such a Jigga.
by jb July 13, 2003
someone who uses you for money
You should stay away from her, she is such a leta.
by jb May 27, 2003
A poor man's Las Vegas, with a beach and boardwalk.
A: Atlantic City is the sh*t, man!
B: I'd definitely use "sh*t" and Atlantic City in the same sentence.
by JB April 28, 2004
With a "job", there is always someone else involved or else payment would not really be payment, would it? Similarly, the suffix-like term "job" added to anything implies that someone else is involved, eg. head job, rim job, hand job (No, not JUST because one can not reach on their own). Masturbating ones self should not be referred to as a whack JOB.
For Christmas I got an Xbox from mum and dad, Halo 2 from my sister and a whack job from uncle Bill!
by JB February 27, 2005
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