Swoof (noun)- Swiss cheese of high quality. It is commonly consumed while drunk if you happen to be a big deal.
Damn I happen to be a big deal and intoxicated; moreover, I require swoof.
by Swank Resources May 19, 2010
When the Dreamy smurf tried to go to outerspace, the other smurfs gave him a potion that made him fall asleep. Then they all pretended to be swoofs so that Dreamy would think they were on a different planet.
"Papa Swoof! Papa Swoof! Gargamel's coming!"
by Azrial June 04, 2005
Swoof is a word to determine whether or not someone is lieng. Used between friends it is a pact that they will not lie to each other on this word. If they do the other person is allowed to kick the person in the balls at 37.8% top speed.

Synonyms: Swear, Promise, For real
Bob: Dude! Last night at the night club was so crazy, I hooked up with like 5 girls.
George: Really?
Bob: Yeah dude! Swear on my mothers life!
George: Swoof?
Bob: Nah, but I danced with this one fat girl
by r-seudonym August 22, 2010
When a male and or female with long hair, preferrably a "scene kid" flicks or moves their hair to the side.
That emo kid over there just did the swoof.
by brokencyde67 December 25, 2009
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