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One of Capcom's often-overlooked NES games I missed out on during my youth, because I was too busy playing their war games, like "Bionic Commando" and "Code Name Viper."

This rather fun video game was loosely based on Windsor McCay's 1905 comic strip "Little Nemo's Adventures in Slumberland." Finally, a game with a historical basis, instead of the product of someone's pipe dream.
Little Nemo: The Dream Master is one of the BEST video games you've never played. It became a real sleeper hit (pardon the pun.)
by Jason L. April 14, 2005
One of the best video games EVER made. Based on the comic book of the same name, "The Punisher" was a Capcom CPS-1 game that hit arcades in 1993, and would be released on Sega Genesis the following year.

Oddly enough, the game also features Nick Fury, who starred in an entirely different comic book.
I am... The Punisher! If you're guilty, you're dead.
by Jason L. April 19, 2005
The "Capacitance Electronic Disc" system, invented by RCA; also known as 'SelectaVision' and 'video records.'

RCA was trying to edge out the pre-existing VHS and LaserDisc formats, but ultimately failed in the long run. The format lasted from 1981 until 1986, and about 1700 titles were released on CED.

Movies came in large plastic caddies, which you inserted, as a whole, into a CED player, which disengaged the disc from the caddy when you pulled it back out (so you wouldn't touch the disc with your bare hands, which could cause disc damage.) A stylus picked up the audio/video data from the disc, which spun at 450 RPM.

To remove the videodisc, you simply push the caddy back into the player, and the disc re-engages itself in the caddy.

Like a CLV laserdisc, CEDs have one hour of content on each side... but you must remove and re-insert the disc upside-down, to continue playing (like with the early laserdisc players.)

If a film ran over two hours by a significant amount of time, it was released on a set of two CEDs. Otherwise, time compression was used to fit the movie onto one disc.

The estimated life of a CED videodisc is 500 playings. Not too bad.
CEDs are some of the quirkiest, coolest retro technology you'll ever come across!
by Jason L. March 20, 2005
The result of a man taking a piss.

Derived from "bong water", the water used in a bong (obviously); and "Dog Water", one of the phony advertisements on "The Ren and Stimpy Show."
After a long night of drinking Rolling Rocks and playing video games nonstop, the Angry Nintendo Nerd had to reach for the pause button -- he desperately needed to let off a couple quarts of "dong water"...
by Jason L. June 09, 2007
Recently acquired by DC Comics, it's the best humor magazine EVER. Sure, there's a handful of commercial advertisements in its pages nowadays, but who cares about that?

Features content such as movie/TV show satires, Spy Vs. Spy, offbeat comic strips, etc. MAD's mascot since its inception, Alfred E. Neuman, is on every cover in some humorous fashion.

The magazine has also spun-off a fairly good TV series, "Mad TV," which airs in reruns on Comedy Central. Basically, Saturday Night Live on steroids. ;-)
Over the years, MAD has driven its competitor, CRACKED, into the dust.
by Jason L. March 25, 2005
A sizable video game machine, ranging from cocktail-table size (the size of your average coffee table,) to monstrous cockpit-style units.

Owning a few of these bad boys could potentially make you rich -- with having to do little or no actual work. All you do is strategically place them in public locales, and empty out the cash box, repeatedly... Sure, you'll have to pay the business owner a percentage, but you'll still make a shitload of money.
I found me a VERY used arcade machine for only $30 dollars. I just gotta fix it up a little bit, put it in the local beer joint, and I'll have a decent secondary income to go along with my paltry grocery store paycheck...
by Jason L. July 11, 2005
A "Recreational Vehicle". Chiefly used in reference to a motorhome, but can also apply to travel trailers, airplanes, ATVs, etc.

You've probably heard of people going RV'ing, which is the act of traveling in a motorhome or trailer.
"If I want to go RVing, I want to do it NOW, not when I'm a shriveled up piece of shit."
by Jason L. March 20, 2005

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