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A "Lover's Lane," breakdown lane, RV park, mountaintop, alley, or any other place couples park for the purpose of having sex in said vehicle.

Example: "Inspiration Point," often mentioned in the TV show "Happy Days."
"I took my girlie to the porking lot this weekend, and -- WOW-WEE! We must have burned 16 rubbers."
by Jason L. July 11, 2005
A grocery cashier/college student by day... but by night, the best anime artist in the history of the entire world! She's pretty, too. :-)
mmm... I be lovin' me some Samina...

I hate my job, but whenever I get the privilege of working alongside her, I can't stop smiling! :-)
by Jason L. March 26, 2005
This happens when a woman loses her virginity.

This allusion is derived from high-end electronic products, such as hard drives and 6th-generation-and-newer video game systems, where there is usually a seal which states that the manufacturer's warranty will be void if it's damaged or removed. The damage or absence of this seal will tell whether the product has been internally tampered with.

Likewise, a woman also has a seal, the hymen (which everyone usually calls the "cherry".) When a man plows through it with his meat missile, she's not a virgin any longer. The seal is broken, and her "warranty" is voided.
I heard the star quarterback took the head cheerleader out on a date this weekend... They parked down at "The Point", one thing led to another, and she got a voided warranty, if'n you know what I mean. But that's nothing compared to that geeky guy in the science club -- he managed to get laid here on campus, in the storage area! He's a LEGEND!
by Jason L. August 14, 2007
1. A strong son-of-a-gun who loads up the shelves with consumer goods, in retail outlets.

2. The name of a long-forgotten 1986 Bally/Sente arcade game, in which you drive the "General Lee" from Florida to California, avoiding cops, and trying not to run out of gas. A very primitive game, by today's standards -- or even the standards of the early 1990s. Not a bad time-killer, though.
I find myself humming "Stocker"'s in-game theme when I'm driving on a long stretch of highway...
by Jason L. April 14, 2005
A server-level Internet filtering service used by many public schools, which blocks out adult content, email access, personal webmastering accounts, and anything that is construed to be "fun." It's basically "censorship," any way you look at it.

Unfortunately, access to educational materials is blocked, due to technicalities.

For example, one would be hard-pressed to pull up the text of "Romeo and Juliet," because there is a line that says "Sleep dwell upon thine eyes, peace in thy breast!"

Of course, Romeo is referring to the heart, and not the female breast, in this sense; but the filtering program does not understand that.
Eventually, students will be presented with a "Bess Can't Go There" screen, whenever they try to access ANYTHING online.
by Jason L. April 14, 2005
The mark of The Chosen One, from the movie "Kung Pow: Enter the Fist."

Basically, it's Steve Oedekerk's "talking tongue." Even though the movie wasn't all that great, Tonguey made the whole thing worth watching.
Yea, yea!!!!!!!! *wink*
by Jason L. April 12, 2005
1. A Russian penal institute. Stands for "G"lavnoe "u"pravlenie ispravitel'no-trudovykh "lag"erei (chief administration of corrective labor camps.)

2. Any mental institute in the USA. People get sent to those hellholes for expressing themselves, reporting abuse (or any wrongs done to them), writing poetry, speaking out against government policies, when their parents dislike them, and for various other HARMLESS "violations" of the so-called "social contract." Essentially, these people are punished for things they MIGHT do, based on someone's "artificial fear".

Inside the gulags of America, the "artificial fear" cycle is perpetuated. People who are less threatening than a person in a wheelchair, are treated worse than violent felons.

They are usually strapped down and jacked up with dangerous psychotropic drugs 24 hours a day, and they are given less rights than the most dangerous correctional institute inmates -- they are prevented from communicating with the outside world in ANY way, they are denied the right to an attorney or physician, and they are denied medical treatments for their injuries, cancer, and acute illnesses...... all in the name of $cientology.

Patients even get MURDERED by the staff... and these staffers never see a day in jail, because all the murders are covered up.
"Stop protesting and carrying signs outside government buildings, you fool, or the secret police will haul you off to the gulag!"
by Jason L. September 19, 2005
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