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a food that is commonly composed of a hot dog, a bun, and chili. toppings such as relish can also be added
My mom is making chili dogs for dinner tinight.YUM!
by Justin April 28, 2003
A normal or average "run of the mill" person; or rather a person of daily life.
Joe Six Pack's SAT score was an 1000, because he's an average guy.
by Justin February 20, 2004
A phrase used to explain a situation where person is very infactuated with you and in return becomes somewhat of a nuisance.
"Oh my god, Michelle wont stop calling me! she is on my dick!!!"
by Justin October 12, 2004
An extremely nauseating person.
Your mom is a cunthole.
by Justin July 29, 2003
naughty funny words that some find offensive
i cant believe he just said swear words! what did he say?

shit piss fuck cunt cock sucker mother fucker, tits, fart, turd, twat,
and to not leave u cultured fucks out:
nigger,beaner,spic,gooback,sandmonkey, dirty rab, jew,homo, whitey, etc.


oh clarence, you donkey raping shit eater
shut your fucking face uncle fucker.
eat shit you balls ramming penguin rimjobber.
by Justin June 17, 2006
A hyundai manufactured automobile. A shark.
The tiburon bit sally while she was swimming on the cape. It caused serious injury
by Justin December 16, 2004
A gay person from Oklahoma.
I met an Oklahomo the other day.
by Justin October 30, 2003

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