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The large, unsettled frozene expanse beneath the phallic shapes of Africa and South America. You can get free ice there.
I went to Antarctica for free ice cream.
by Justin February 24, 2005
The sweetest, prettiest, hottest, greatest person in all of the universe.
Elisha Cuthbert is a goddess.
by Justin May 09, 2004
badass vagina
damn, that milf had an ill nana
by justin July 01, 2003
A young woman with a lot of sex appeal.
Look at that sheba! She's so hot.
by Justin March 28, 2005
the 4th Gen. Trans-Am is the best gen. made so far and is certainly by far the fastest yet made. With its 5.7L LS1 powerplant it produces 340HP in stock trim (GM underates the f-body LS1). They are bad ass muscle cars who suck these little hondas with wings and fart cannon throught the hood scoops and spit them out through the Long Tube headers. eat shit rice boys!

<--12.2 @ 110MPH
by Justin October 01, 2003
a food that is commonly composed of a hot dog, a bun, and chili. toppings such as relish can also be added
My mom is making chili dogs for dinner tinight.YUM!
by Justin April 28, 2003
a kids version of shit head
omg billy ur such a poopy head i hate you!
by Justin June 30, 2003

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