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Frontman of the vastly overhyped Grunge Band Nirvana. His songwriting style was nonsensical and incoherent. He was -not- a good guitarist. He used 3 or 4 four guitar chords for every song, buried under half a dozen guitar effects. Having witnessed and heard enough truly talented musicians play, one can plainly see that Kurt Cobain's skills were minimal at best. As it is, the only reason Kurt Cobain and Nirvana are so highly regarded is because Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994. This will automatically inflate ANY singer/musician/songwriter's popularity, and cause their actual talent to be greatly exaggerated, as is the case with Kurt Cobain.

Nirvana was a -decent- band, with their ability exaggerated after the suicide of its frontman. That's all.
"Nirvana's songs don't make any sense!"

"Kurt Cobain wan't THAT good of a guitarist..."
by Justin May 18, 2005
gigalo and a drugstore cowgirl is a slut
Rebecca met her drugstore cowboy in the alley that night.
by Justin April 06, 2005
A word used in place of "I Love You"
If you are not sure, or fi its to early to tell some one you love them.
by Justin January 31, 2005
Feeling are for bitches
hey, you're a bitch, how are your feelings?
by justin January 11, 2005
A term used to describe the late Pope John Paul II.
"The cardinal college has to elect someone to replace the deuce."

"Hey, did you see that the duece died."
by Justin April 19, 2005
the tightest gangsta around from the dsb rap group. he smokes, drinks, and fucks all day. a true OG, a role model to everyone....lives a few houses down from me and comes to the Smith Farm park and i hang out with him alot
When i grow up, i wanna be exactly like ma dawg KB. Everything he does is just great for humanity and he is just my role model and is a true original gangsta. Shoutouts KB.....your a livin legend.
by Justin March 15, 2005
When you are eating out a girl on her period.
My chick was on her period, but I wanted some so I decided to eat her out anyways.
by Justin October 30, 2003
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