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when you hit 2 people simultaneously in their gooches.
That bastard gave us a double gooch kick...so we killed his family and burned him at the cross.
by JJ January 16, 2004
big lump of a man made in the 1970's.
"Who's THAT?!"
"It's gordon keeble"
by jj August 12, 2003
big lump of a car made in the 70's.
"Nice car, what is it?"
"It's a gordon keeble"
by jj August 12, 2003
Having sex with members of ones own family.
Incest, the game the whole family can play.
by JJ July 30, 2003
A kid that turns into a little computer nerd.
Man, your nerdatated!
by JJ March 05, 2003
A pimp that has a large amount of money.
Wow, look at the fo'dog in that Mercedes!
by JJ February 25, 2003
a dude with a perm that's obviously a pimp. done for style by metrosexuals
hey see that curly haired guy he's a parmp
by jj March 10, 2005

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