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big lump of a man made in the 1970's.
"Who's THAT?!"
"It's gordon keeble"
by jj August 12, 2003
big lump of a car made in the 70's.
"Nice car, what is it?"
"It's a gordon keeble"
by jj August 12, 2003
Jack ass. A donkey of a man. Unemployed loser, milking the social welfare programs.
You focking drobeski!

Why didn't you take out the trash? you drobeski!
by JJ February 02, 2005
Infamous animutation star. First appeared in teh Japanese Pokerap.
Colin, he can reach them
Colin, he'll go far
With gardening, he'll reach you
and your only car . . .

from Conquest of Animutopia
by JJ May 14, 2004
Ringing people in the early hours and leaving incomprehensible messages on their ansaphones.
"Sleep well last night?"
"No. I was boothed 4 times!"
by jj July 29, 2003
A kid that turns into a little computer nerd.
Man, your nerdatated!
by JJ March 05, 2003
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