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173 definitions by JIMMY

an object which is used for typing
"i am typing with my nose"
by Jimmy January 07, 2005
Lead singer of the coolest rock/hip-hop band on the face of God's Green Earth, Linkin Park. Is married to Samantha Bennington, with one child, Draven Sebastian, born 2002.

Looks awesome with spiked up blonde hair.
Chester Bennington is so freakin cool!
by Jimmy April 25, 2005
the greatest fairy ever, he's a legend in every right and all should bow down to him
Two wrongs dont make a right, but three rights make a left
by jimmy October 22, 2004
n. 1 Loose and think labia majora that is caused by the repeated insertion of male genitalia and is characterized by the ability to flap in the wind. Beef curtains usually lead to a wicked camel toe even when the woman is wearing jeans.
n. 2 Drapery that is made from the meat of cows.
I thought you said she had beef curtains? Those weren't beef curtains. They weren't even flappin in the wind?
by Jimmy January 12, 2004
when recieving a blowjob at the moment of orgasim plunge your penis as far as it will go to make her gag and for you to orgasim at the same time making her shoot her sperm threw her nose
by jimmy May 03, 2004
slang for testicle
Damnit bill, you got right in the nards!
by Jimmy October 22, 2003
Italian for either "This thing of ours" or "Our Thing" depending on who's translating. Used as a euphemism for the Italian mafia.
Once you're in La Cosa Nostra, you can't get out.
by Jimmy February 06, 2005