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104 definitions by JD

1. someone who thinks that their affinity for raw fish and seaweed somehow makes them superior to you.
2. someone who thinks they are infinitely knowledgeable about sushi
That yuppie is such a sushilitist, he thinks that sushi is the only acceptable form of food.
by JD January 01, 2005
14 4
A girl pukes fucking noodles while making out... then refuses to pay for the dry cleaning
The bitch was Cambodian
by JD September 22, 2004
20 10
A condition which renders one unable to recall any knowledge pertaining to a certain subject just as they are about to write an exam.
Just as I was sitting down to write my English final, I was struck by a bad case of examnesia.
by JD January 26, 2004
11 1
A witty remark
"That MC was dropping witticisms like whoa."
by JD May 31, 2003
14 5
A chick who is unreceptive to advances from the male persuasion.
That bitch by the bar wouldn't even talk to me, she's some real tundra pussy.
by JD October 08, 2004
19 11
a unkempt female pubic area;opposite of "shaved".
ishe wasnt expecting to hook up so she got caught with a spider bush
by jd July 13, 2004
13 5
Total vaginal annihilation caused by the inability to handle unusually large male sex organs.
Back in the day, JB used to piss pound U of I ladies on a regular basis.
by JD May 10, 2004
14 7