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Philly Fade refers to a haircut. In particular a cut where the sides are faded at the temples primarily but it can also carry back to and over the ears and neck line. East calls it Philly Fade and Midwest calls it a Temple Fade.
Hook me up with a Philly Fade.
by JD January 16, 2005
Comic book fan slang to describe someone who is overtly loyal to the Marvel Comics company to the point where they won't read anything else.
Don't try and describe Preacher to him he's just a Marvel Zombie
by jd January 03, 2005
A word Italians use to refer to non-Italians.
They don't know how to make pizza. That's the metagones way.
by jd November 26, 2004
straight up bro
someone who will stay down with you till the end...
by JD December 02, 2003
when you really need to take a bad shit outside on a major street
"Yo man I really gotta go, I gotta ditry dundas now"
by JD February 18, 2004
A small town in West Texas. It is currently known for unusual UFO-like lights that appear in the area near the town. They have a festival on the first week of September called the Marfa Lights Festival. Scientists have recently bee moving to the area to study these unusual lights. James Dean's last movie was also filmed here and you can find James Dean paraphernalia there.
The Marfa Lights festival was fun and actually seening the weird lights creeped me out, in a cool way.
by JD February 12, 2005

A distant cousin of the cucumber, used as a sponge.

alternate spellings: Loofa, Luffa or Lufa etc.
Bought me a new loofa today. Man, that thing is so soft.
by Jd May 03, 2004

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