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wu-tang slang meaning only made for those who understand. Used as the title for the first Raekwon album.
Yo the album only built 4 cuban linx is only built for cuban linx?


only made for those who understand Rae and Ghostface's slang.
by Ivan_V April 23, 2009
means outsider or invader. From the tv show bleach. The word is probably japanese.
Renji got beat by Ichigo?

Yeah hes in jail now cuz he got beat by a ryoka.
by Ivan_V April 23, 2009
a white boy who dresses ghetto but instead of acting black he acts puerto rican/some kind of spanish.
"Yo I got a fly matchin outfit on and just now this fine lookin chinita mami was checkin me out."-white boy

"Youre not black. shut the fuck up with that shit. You wigger."-normal white friend

"Im not a wigger. Im a wiggerican ese get your shit straight."-whiteboy
by Ivan_V January 20, 2009
football term for when a running back tries to squeeze himself through a narrow gap created by the offensive line.
jerome bettis fumbled the football in the 2005 divisional playoff game when he tried to get skinny in the redzone almost costing the steelers the game.
by Ivan_V January 30, 2009
wu-tang slang for brooklyn, NY.
"You taking the the B train to the bronx?"

"Nah yo Im taking it the other direction to Bethlehem ."
by Ivan_V March 08, 2009

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