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An area of the southern United States that has a large protestant (i.e. Baptist, Methodist, Church of Christ) church attending population. Most of these people are ignorant of their own beliefs, do not follow the laws they preach, and relentlessly attempt to convert those who do not follow their sect.
When you feel out of place or someone is out to get you, you can say, "I feel like an atheist in the bible belt."
by Itsjustluck March 22, 2004
1. Capital of the state of Texas in the US located in the central part of Texas. Has a thriving music scene and is home to the University of Texas.
I'm thinking I might go to school in Austin, TX.
by Itsjustluck March 22, 2004
University Interscholastic League. Its a program run by the University of Texas in Austin that regulates school sport, theater, and academic competition.
I made allstar cast in OAP!
by itsjustluck March 27, 2004
1. A sled

2. A woolen hat similar to a beanie.
I went for a ride on my tobogan wearing a tobogan.
by itsjustluck April 16, 2005
1. An acronym for One Act Play.

2. A UIL competition in which a play with only one act is performed.
I made allstar cast in OAP!
by itsjustluck March 27, 2004
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