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A Christian denomination that was started by John Wesley. He believed in bringing the church to the people, and accepting all people. That's why there's an 'open table' policy when it comes to communion. Anyone is allowed to take communion in the Methodist church no matter what church they belong to. It's just a really great organization.
Even though Susan was Catholic, the Methodist church welcomed her to take communion during a Methodist church service.
by Methodistgirl June 17, 2008
A "METHodist" is someone to engages in the use of Methamphetamine. If a dealer is trying to be discreet and find customers without reveal outright that he's a dealer, he'll ask "so, you a Methodist?", if they are a meth-head, in this part of the world, they'll know what he/she means and respond accordingly.
Dealer: "Hey man, you a Methodist?"
Meth-head: "Yeah dude. I'll take a 1/2 gram"
by M4RKz October 01, 2011
The religion in which we believe in the Son Of God but not God himself. We the Methodist love Kats but hate kittens. The first church of the Methodists completely covered North America.
after being established this church was decided to be to small.
Thus was renevated to a 12 by 4cm building. this building was now a 2-dimensional building and made it much easier to fit into
Do u really need an example of a Methodist?
by Christopher Feddicez June 21, 2012
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