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to act greedy in a certtain matter
(1 PERSON)Hey man can I get some gum ?
(1 PERSON) you shysty
by Isaiah May 16, 2003
a person who constantly picks at their lips so often that they many scars on their lips.
COOL GUY: dang Stephen look at Susan she just stopped right in the middle of the lap and is now picking her lip

Stephen: dang COOL GUY she is such a lippicker
by isaiah June 07, 2004
sorry for the first defenition spelling error it means to say that they get many scars
no example
by isaiah June 08, 2004
a couple were the man is a WIGGA and the woman is a hungarian tapdancer
COOL GUY: Yo Stephen check it out Anita is dancing to Wes rapping isn't that crazy?

Stephen: Yeah cool guy thats whack man. but can't you just since the tapdancinggangstalove.

COOL GUY: yeah actually i can. dang thats crazy.
by Isaiah June 09, 2004
A true gangsta and pimp who lives on drurberrylane
COOL GUY: Yo gangsta wat up dog, how's you be's trippin'

Muffin Man: Man notin much sept I's just be's chillin wit my new hoe ya dig?
by Isaiah June 09, 2004
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